Hannah Rae 

All About Me
This section of my website I invite you to have an open mind. I plan to update my website every couple of weeks with a new story. I couldn't tell you if they'd be fiction or a true story because I have yet to know. It has always been a fantasy of mine to be a writer so we'll see where this takes me.

Tako's Story

I was lost and confused, wandering through the woods of Florida. It was a hot, summer day; the ground under me burned my paws, the air was dry, and there was no sign of water. I walked for days, trying to find someone to nurture me. Until one day, on a dirt road a car filled with dogs started barking at me. The human accompanying them let me in the cool aired car, holding me tightly and petting me. We pull up to a big house with even more dogs by the sound of it. She put two bowls down in front of me, one with food and the other with water. I saw this as a gift and I took it. After I ate, she held me again and started calling me "orphan puppy". I liked the sound of it, so I would bark at her and jump at her face. I liked the sound of her voice, so anytime she talked, I barked at her. I liked singing to her, and her two dogs. They shared their toys with me, and they slept with me when it was dark. Never again did I see the dirt roads, until we took a car ride. We drove for hours, and I didn't mind because it wasn't hot out. When we arrived at our destination, it was loud out - as if we were in the city. Two more humans came to greet me, and yet again called me orphan puppy. I liked the sound of it, so again I barked. They said I was cute and adorable. They let me into their home, and that is when I met Murray, they're roommate's dog. He was bigger than me, but was friendly. He immediately shared his toys with me, and we played while the humans were talking. I take a second to breathe and I see a big couch that was as dark as me. I sit on the couch, and the humans start to wonder where I am. I bark when they call me orphan puppy, and at that point one of the humans comes up to me and hugs me. She yells at me to never hide from them again. It was this moment that I knew she would be mine. Moments later, the humans that rescued me left me with the new humans. They both hugged me. The human that yelled at me said her name was "Hannah" and the other human is "Daddy". From this moment, I knew I would like being with Hannah and Daddy. Hannah was my human, and I'd do anything for her. 


Life changing decisions...

There was one point in my life where I had to do what was necessary to achieve my ultimate goal; which at the time was to leave home and take advantage of bigger and better opputunities. I worked two jobs at the same time, one that let me work morning shifts, and the other that let me work afternoon into late evening shifts. I would wake up at 3am to get ready for work and be at work at 4:30am. I would work that job until 2pm. Since I didn't start my other job til 3 or 4 (depending on schedule), I would hang around the area. Sit down somewhere and listen to music, or I would read a book. I didn't get out of my second job until about 10pm, not getting home until around 11. I would shower, go to sleep, and repeat the process. It was very rare that I'd have the same day off from both jobs, but when I did, I would take the time to go to the beach, or see my family. No matter how hard I worked, I always took the time to spoil myself in some type of way - whether that was eating a snack in between jobs, to sitting under the Hawaii sun tanning, or to lie in bed all day and do absolutely nothingg. It was during these rough couple of months that I achieved my goal, saving just enough money plus a little extra to move myself and my boyfriend to the mainland.