Hannah Rae 

All About Me

     Of the six elementary schools, I went to Ka'ewai Elementary where I stayed from Pre-school til fifth grade. The area around my elementary school contained a polynesian culture - hawaiians, samoans, tongans, etc. I fit in easy with them because we all wanted to be mischevous children.

      It was here at Kaewai that I did a lot of my development as a child. I learned as much as my brain would allow me to, and I worked twice as hard as everyone else to succeed with excellent grades. In fact, I had so much free time on my hands in this school that I had time to play games on the laptops that were provided to the school by the state.
    Afterwards, I seperated from my childhood friends and went to
Kalakaua Middle School where I easily made some new friends but they were raised in a diverse culture so it was different than the kids I grew up with. The community around this school mostly were of Filipino ethnic backround. My fellow classmates often spoke a different language and english was their second language. I stayed in this middle school for grades sixth through eighth. 
     Thereafter, I attended Farrington High School. Now my high school was unique to all the other ones around the island - to my knowledge
anyways. Here is where all students, no matter the elementary or middle
school, attended. It was at Farrington that we had all united and

     Starting junior year, it was mandatory for each student to choose from one of the seven academies - Teaching, Health, Law and Justice, Culinary, Engineering, Technology and Fine Arts, Hawaiian. Each academy had their own requirements in which they may graduate. To graduate the high school in itself, students were required to get a certain amount of credits in each subject to do so.

     I joined Health academy during my freshman year so that starting sophomore year, I was astep ahead of the rest of my class that decided to join in their junior year. I graduated from the health academy with a health academy cord. I graduated high school with a 3.3 GPA, with 31.5 out of 32 credits.