Hannah Rae 

All About Me
Welcome to my website!
Here, you'll learn a little bit extra about me that I wish could be shared on job applications.
Well anyways... My name is Hannah Rae Lagon - but I prefer to be called Hannah. The origin of my name comes from the biblical charactor "Hannah". The reason "Rae" is added to my first name is because my grandmother thought that I should have three syllables in my name to match alongside my sister's name.
I'm originally from Hawai'i - the island of O'ahu. More specifically, I'm from a little town called Kalihi. The name ka lihi means the edge in Hawaiian. Kalihi is known for it's five fish ponds: ʻĀpili, Pahouiki, Pahounui, ʻAuiki, and Ananoho.
Kalihi is the home of six elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and two private schools. Kalihi Elementary, Kalihi Waena Elementary, Kalihi Uka Elementary, Kalihi Kai Elementary and Ka'ewai Elementary; Dole Middle School and King David Kalakaua Middle School; Wallace Rider Farrington High School; Damien Memorial School and Kamehameha Private School.